Products: Airborne System


FPGA Based RTM for VME Processor board

FlyVi Technologies Pvt Ltd, has successfully designed and developed various on-board, military products to meet MIL specification. FlyVi has required experience, skilled manpower and facilities to design, develop, test and deploy MIL spec products.

The FPGA based system is rugged conduction cooled design to meet outdoor application. The basic backbone of this system will be C108 PowerPC processor board. The C108 Board will be connected back to back with matching Rear Transition Module. The RTM module will have onboard FPGA to create number of serial channel and will also have DC-DC converter to generate required power supplies for the processor board and RTM itself. The system will have interface with all the Datalink LRU as per predefined ICD.


          RTM board to interface with Aitec C108, VME processor board

          Power supply converter (5V, 8 Amp) with EMI/EMC filter

          C108 PowerPC processor board

          Serial Port: 40 RS422 full duplex

          High Speed synchronous serial interface: 4

          GPS Interface

          Piggy back Video generation board

          28V DC power input

          ON/OFF switch for power

          Conduction cooled mechanical enclosure

          78 pin, two nos, 37 pin, 1 No. D connectors for external interface

          Meets Environmental MIL 861 and EMI/EMC MIL 461E spec


Control Display Unit

Control Display Unit is connected to IFF transponder and Air Data Computer. Communication between Control Unit and IFF transponder and Air Data Computer (ADC) is achieved through ARINC communication. Control Display Unit acts as man machine interface (MMI). It allows the pilot to control the operation of IFF Transponder in various modes. Programming of codes for various modes is facilitated through control Display unit. The health of the control Display unit and IFF transponder and Air Data Computer can be determined by BITE word (in case of failure) or by glowing the green indicators on control unit for satisfactory condition.


COM Express based DAQ

System is basically a MIL qualified system built around i7 based COM Express stand-alone processor board mounted on a customized carrier board where required peripherals/connectivity are achieved. The unit has 16 GB SATADOM ATA disk, where the application program and the OS reside. The unit performance can be checked with a PC based Test Jig which will facilitate simulation of DIO and other peripherals. The application software will be written in Linux OS using QT GUI library for testing all the resources of the system. All components used will be Industrial Grade (extended temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C). The embedded system is a self-cooling system & no fans are used.

          28V +/-8V, DC, 150 Watts

          COM Express board with i7 processor with following features:

          2.5GHz (i7-3555LE) 3rd Generation Core i series
          processors Two standard 204-pin DDR3 SODIMM sockets

          PCIe between CPU/PCH and COM Express connectors

          Four SATA interface

          2.0 and 3.0 USB Interface

          VGA interface

          RTC and WDT facility

          Optically Isolated 64 discrete Inputs

          MIL 461E Compliant

          Conduction Cooled s/m (Self Cooling)