Products: Automatic Test Equipment


Sophisticated ATEs with user friendly GUI software are required to test, verify and certify LRUs for their complete functionalities. FlyVi Technologies has the required experience and manpower to deliver the ATEs to meet the industry requirement. We select suitable COTs products, DAQ systems and also in-house signal conditioners to quickly configure and build ATEs to meet the required I/O requirements of the LRU. We also have in-house facility and man power to make complex harnesses required for ATEs.



          cPCI based chassis with controllers

          19 inch rack

          cPCI based high speed ADC, DAC, DI, DO, Synchro / Resolver cards

          cPCI based 1553B, ARIN429, Ethernet, RS422, RS232 cards

          In-house signal conditioner cards for signal scaling / special purpose signals

          Stanag RGB / composite video / Y/C video / DVI / VGA Interface

          19” rack mountable power supplies

          Harnesses with continuity, insulation and megger check

          BIBOs for manual signal checking

          Sophisticated GUI software in QT / Labview