Services: Embedded Systems and Electronics

Our expertise embedded systems and electronics engineering capable of Design and development, Testing and Validation and Manufacturing support.

Hardware design

          FPGA / Microprocessor based design

          PCB Design, Analysis : Thermal , Signal Integrity

          MMI with OLED/TFT panel, capacitive touch panel with backlight LED

          Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) Design

          GUI based application for ATE design

Software design and Simulation

          Embedded platforms including ARM ,MIPS, x86 controllers

          Operating systems such as LINUX, Windows, RTOs

          Software development in compliance with RTCA DO-178

          Simulation tools such as MATLAB/Simulink, LabVIEW

Test and Validation

          Functional and Endurance test

          Environmental tests as per requirement : RTCA DO160 / JSS 55555

          EMI / EMC Test : RTCA DO160 /MIL-STD- DO-461E